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Title: Alumni Spotlight: Peter Cook, GHD ’14

Commencement - Class of 2014
GHDs Class of 2014: Peter Cook is front row, third from the left.

A little bit about Peter’s current position: I have been working for the World Bank’s Global Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program since 2015. The program develops and tests new approaches to help connect entrepreneurs in developing countries with the knowledge, markets, networks, and capital they need to grow their businesses. I perform country diagnostics, conduct entrepreneurial surveys, and contribute to the design of acceleration and incubation programs focused specifically on small and medium-sized agro-processing companies. I work on initiatives in Tanzania, Nepal, Zambia, and most recently in Sierra Leone.

How did your GHD experience prepare you for this work and what recommendations would you make to a current GHD student?: At Georgetown, I took a variety of classes focused on private sector development, both in GHD and in the wider SFS, along with the core classes in the Social Enterprise and Development Fellowship. These classes, along with a summer internship with Coca-Cola in South Africa, helped me think with a wider lens in terms of what individuals and firms need to be competitive in the global economy. I would recommend any GHD student to take advantage of the access they will have to courses, professors, student groups, and activities across the School of Foreign Service, and even the Business School.

Peter is also an Alumni Mentor for Current GHD Students: The field of development is constantly changing, and I thought that a good way to keep up with new developments and remain connected to Georgetown would be to get involved in the alumni mentor program. I also thought that it would be great to share whatever knowledge I have about courses, job searches, DC, and development in general with someone who could learn from my experiences (and mistakes). Indeed, I’ve learned as much from my mentee as the other way around!