Professor Emily Mendenhall Speaks to SFS Students About Syndemics

Part of the SFS Masters in Development Seminar Series

On Wednesday, March 1, Professor Emily Mendenhall spoke to graduate students at the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service about syndemics, is defined as “health problems involving two or more afflictions, interacting synergistically, and contributing to excess burden of disease in a population.” Professor Mendenhall is a medical anthropologist who writes about how social trauma, poverty, and social exclusion become embodied in chronic mental and physical illness. She is also an Assistant Professor of Global Health in the Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA) Program in the School of Foreign Service.

The SFS Masters in Development Seminar is an initiative co-sponsored by the Master in Global Human Development and the Master of Science in Foreign Service International Development Concentration. The seminar series features leading development professionals and allows students across the university to discuss contemporary issues pertaining to their field of study.