Environment and Climate

One of the most pressing development challenges of the 21st century is managing and adapting to changes in climate and addressing a range of natural resource constraints – be they water, land, energy or even clean air. While change is inevitable, the pace and direction of our changing environment are profoundly affected by actions and policies pursued over the next 10 to 20 years. Sustainable management of land, forests, and watersheds, for example, often hinges on shared public-private governance with effective institutions, laws, policies and practices in place. Both the environment and civil society benefit when governments and local communities can agree to and enforce their respective rights and responsibilities regarding the use and allocation of forests, fisheries, minerals and other natural resources. Policy and field-level challenges across developing countries abound, however, as demographic pressure and urban/rural dynamics, competing local and global business interests, unclear tenure and property rights, climate change and other factors impact efforts to combine natural resources management (NRM) and governance.

Students working in this area will acquire a deep understanding of the range of environmental challenges the world now faces, and some of the trade-offs that programs and policy-makers must make. They will gain a better understanding of the scientific underpinnings of natural resource management, climate change and climate mitigation strategies, and they will develop a deeper appreciation for strategies that have worked to mitigate environmental challenges and achieved a measure of sustainability.

Sample Courses:

ARST-546 Water Politics
GHDP-617 Renewable Energy, Sustainability & Development (taught by Griffin Thompson)
GHDP-759 Political Economy of Agriculture and Environment
GOVT-354 Environmental Politics
GOVT-597 Environment and Conflict Resolution
HEST-440 Health, Environmental Issues, and Development
HSCI-332 Health Impacts of the Environment
INAF-294 Environment in Africa
INAF-311 India Innovation Studio: Designing for Droughts I
INAF-312 India Innovation Studio: Designing for Droughts II
LASP-417 Sustainable Development in Latin America
LASP-427 Gender and Environment: Latin America
LASP-511 Sustainable Development Trends: Central America and the Caribbean
MARK-609 Climate Change
MSFS-549 Petroleum in the Global Economy
MSFS-611 GIS Applications in Development
PPOL-541 Sustainable Development
PPOL-613 Environmental and Climate Change Economics
PPOL-636 Energy, Society & Politics in Developing Countries
PPOL-687 Nuclear Power, Climate Change, Clean Power
PPOL-711 Sustainable Development
STIA-355 Environment and Migration
STIA-397 Environmental Sustainablty and Business Strategy