Food, Agriculture, and Rural Livelihoods

Notwithstanding the fact that the world is becoming increasingly urban, the majority of the world’s poor still live in rural areas and access to food at a reasonable cost profoundly impacts the lives and opportunities of the poor in low and even middle income countries. Agriculture remains a key driver of economic growth in a large number of developing countries. In addition, addressing food scarcity and famines to minimize the likelihood of recurrence has become an important challenge to development practitioners in the 21st century.

This concentration will give students a deep appreciation of the range of social, economic and political challenges faced by rural communities in developing economies and the opportunities that exist for rural economies to be a stimulus to national economic growth, provide food for the urban population and even lead to exportable food surplus. Beyond growth, improved nutrition and health, education, infrastructure development and non-farm job creation can all leading to better livelihoods. Students will also gain an appreciation of the role that food production, trade and food aid has played in addressing food insecurity, and the new technologies and approaches that offer the promise of mitigating food scarcity in the future. The roles of local and international actors in this process - public, private and non-governmental entities – will also be discussed.

Sample Courses:

GHDP-614 Agriculture and Food for Development (taught by Jock Anderson and Derek Byerlee)
GHDP-643 Social Protection (taught by Ana-Maria Arriagada and Laura Rawlings)
GHDP-753 Food Value Chains (taught by Derek Byerlee)
GHDP-759 Political Economy of Agriculture and Environment
INAF-311 India Innovation Studio: Designing for Droughts I
INAF-312 India Innovation Studio: Designing for Droughts II
INAF-364 Land, Indigenous Peoples, and Conflict
INAF-648 International Migration and Development
MSFS-552 Emerging Issues in African Development
MSFS-581 Business & Sustainability
MSFS-587 Impact Analysis
MSFS-613 Comparative Economic Development
MSFS-648 Fragile States in Africa
STIA-355 Environment and Migration