GHD'18 Hadya Abdul-Satar Co-Organizes Raise Your Voice for Refugees Workshop

GHD'18 Hadya Abdul-Satar co-organized Raise Your Voice for Refugees Workshop in collaboration with the Northern Virginia Friends for Refugees, a network of NGOs, churches and business which support immigrants and refugees in the area. The training session was attended by 300+ community members and students. The objective was to equip refugee advocates and supporters with information and communication skills to hold meaningful conversations with those who don’t necessarily agree with pro-immigrant policies.

The forum consisted of two panel discussions and a NGO fair. The first panel was led by GU’s Imam Yahya Hendi, Anne Richard and Hadya Abdul Satar. They led a conversation on religious tolerance, empathy and shared information on refugee and immigrant resettlement, vetting process and assistance programs in the U.S. The second panel consisted of state representatives from Sen. Tim Kaine’s, Don Beyer’s and Senator Favola who spoke of their support of refugee resettlement at the Capitol Hill.

The NGO fair was attended by 15+ organizations who shared information on their work and encouraged the public to sign up for volunteering opportunities.