The Global Human Development Program has reached out to leading development businesses, organizations and individuals, in recognition of our shared stake in preparing the next generation of leaders in development practice.  Partners have not only helped us identify the key knowledge, skills and experiences which young professionals in the field will need, but have also offered a range of opportunities for students, including hosting skills clinics, providing speakers for events and lectures, mentoring students, and coordinating summer field assignments.  Thanks to the generosity of one donor, more than half of the costs of the first year of summer internships were covered.  The on-going Grace Fellowship will cover the costs of students doing summer internships with Palestinian-serving organizations in the Middle East.

Partnership opportunities with the summer field assignments offer significant benefits to both GHD’s program and partner organizations. Partner organizations provide valuable field experience for GHD students to hone the skills and knowledge required of highly qualified development practitioners. Further, GHD students engage in extensive training through coursework, skills clinics, and workshops in order to be fully prepared to contribute to organizations’ projects and overall missions.

Beginning in the fall, GHD's Summer Field Project Director works closely with partner organizations and students to match students' backgrounds, interests, and skills with organizational missions and assignment objectives. The Project Director helps to arrange interviews with selected students and determine the feasibility and scope of possible summer assignments. There is no obligation on either the partner or program to ensure an assignment, but it is the goal of the program to match students and partner-identified opportunities by the end of the fall semester, so that students can begin preparing for the assignment during the spring semester.

When required, the GHD program will provide students a modest stipend to cover travel and living expenses for the summer. GHD staff work closely with partner organizations throughout the year to coordinate the necessary training, feedback, and evaluation to ensure that students succeed in their summer placement. Project supervisors will provide an assessment of the students’ work following the completion of the summer assignment.

Below is a list of GHD’s current partners.