I have been working part-time at DAI for two semesters now. My team there is great and very supportive, and my boss even came to a Georgetown event the other day, where my classmates and I presented posters describing our summer internship experiences. I think that’s really reflective of one of the strengths of this program – namely how the GHD community reaches beyond the classroom and into our personal and professional lives.”
– Ari Gandolfo, GHD’17

Interning in Washington, DC while enrolled in the GHD program provides an invaluable opportunity for professional growth and expanding students’ professional networks. Students who intern are able to develop professional skills, enhance their resumes, refine their career objectives, and build on lessons learned in academic coursework. GHD students are required to have at least one internship during their course of study that builds skills and knowledge in their area of specialization. If a student is pursuing more than one thematic area or a regional focus, the department will determine if more than one internship is required to address all aspects of the specialization.

Internships can be:

  • for a semester or a year
  • with one organization or multiple, depending on a student’s area of specialization, thematic focus, and regional interests
  • paid or unpaid

GHD Internship organizations have included: