GHD Summer Internships in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and Latin AmericaSince the establishment of the GHD Program in 2012, students have spent the summer between their two years of study working as interns at overseas field sites for 10-12 weeks with a variety of development organizations, including NGOs, aid agencies, development consulting firms, social enterprises, multinational corporations, and foundations. Students have been with host agencies in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Summer field projects are an essential feature of the Global Human Development Program, and are supported by students’ regular coursework. For example, the core course “Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Programs”, which all students will take in the second semester of their first year, is designed to prepare the students for their summer projects. In the fall semester of their second year, posters summarizing summer field projects are the first required assignment in the “Management Analysis & Practice” course, and student experiences provide a basis for discussion on the management and leadership challenges that development practitioners encounter during their professional careers. Students are also able to draw upon their summer field experience in papers and reports submitted for other courses, potentially including the Capstone project that is a core requirement for the GHD Masters degree. Funding for travel expenses and a modest stipend are provided by the GHD Program, or in certain instances by host agencies where the students are placed for the summer. Safety and security protocols for travel and arrangements are coordinated with OGS.

Previous Field Project Locations

Student Blogs

Maputi Botlhole, GHD'20 on her first day as a social enterprise intern under the LINKAGES project at FHI360 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Maputi Botlhole, GHD’20: an Opportune Time for Social Enterprise in Thailand

It is July 8th, 2019, and as I reflect on my 4-week journey interning at FHI360 in Bangkok, Thailand; I find myself reminiscing about the application process that led me to join the Global Human Development (GHD) program. When I applied to be part of the GHD program, I didn’t expect that it would take only one academic year to start connecting to goals from my application letter. Nor did I anticipate just how much what I learned in the past academic year would prepare me for “pinchable” moments that I can only describe as “dreams fulfilled.”

Jackie Rojas, GHD ’19: Summer Field Project at USAID/Ghana

When I was assigned to USAID/Ghana’s office this summer, I could not even begin to imagine the learning experience and adventure that awaited me in this country. My original scope of work included tasks like helping develop USAID/Ghana’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) and working with the West Africa Regional Mission to amend Development Objective Agreements with regional partners…

Ben with Minister of affairs and host family

Ben Lavin, GHD’19: Summer Field Project at the United Nations Development Programme

I am spending my summer working as part of the innovative finance team at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Jakarta, Indonesia. First thing you are probably wondering is what is innovative financing? Is it just new jargon, or was the word “‘innovative” thrown on for posterity? No, it is about finding new ways to improve lives.