Picture of Kyle Goeckner-Wald, GHD '17

“A Reflection on Purpose” by Kyle Goeckner-Wald, GHD ’17

“I found the Global Human Development Ethics Retreat the perfect opportunity to reflect on the larger questions that frequently become lost in the daily rush of action items, homework assignments, and career concerns.” Read more to hear Kyle’s thoughts on the GHD Ethics Retreat.

GHD Students walking

A Day in the Life of a GHD Student

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a student here at Georgetown’s Global Human Development Program? Click to hear about a day in the life of Josue Niyonsingiza, class of 2019.
Ben with Minister of affairs and host family

Ben Lavin, GHD’19: Summer Field Project at the United Nations Development Programme

I am spending my summer working as part of the innovative finance team at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Jakarta, Indonesia. First thing you are probably wondering is what is innovative financing? Is it just new jargon, or was the word “‘innovative” thrown on for posterity? No, it is about finding new ways to improve lives.

Kidame Mart team visits Gunchire on market day to observe sales representatives selling high impact products in their new uniforms

Network of Lions – Kiersten DeHaven & Danielle Fiorino, GHD’19

On one of our recent field visits, we learned the meaning of being called a lion. In Ethiopia, a person is a lion if they are innovative, foreword thinking, and daring.  They represent strength and fortitude.  After reflecting on this, we recognize that many lionesses have touched our internship and allowed our summer to be so fulfilling.

Rehana Nathoo

Graduate Training in Impact Investing Should Include Business AND Development Skills, argues GHD Professor Rehana Nathoo.

Impact Investing continues to be an emerging field. Like all new ways of thinking, it requires well-trained systems-level practitioners to help generate new ideas. GHD adjunct professor, Rehana Nathoo, writes on ImpactAlpha how the conversation around graduate training needs to extend beyond business schools alone, to include would-be development professionals too.
Brazil Projects' Leaders

Tiago Cordeiro, GHD’19: Summer Field Project at the Inter-American Development Bank

When I thought I had finally settled on an internship in Ecuador, an opportunity opened up for me to stay in Washington DC and work at the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) headquarters. Since this was a great networking opportunity and a better option for my family, I chose to go back to the Bank where I had grown over the last five years.

GHD Student

For the Third Year, GHD Students Author Case Studies for the International Youth Foundation’s YouthActionNet Program

Several Global Human Development Program students have authored case studies on emerging issues in international development through a partnership with the International Youth Foundation.  Students enrolled in a course exploring the role of social enterprises and social entrepreneurs were paired with young leaders of social ventures identified through the IYF’s YouthActionNet program.