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GHD Students Win First Prize in 2017 Social Innovation Lab

From the 17th to the 19th of November, Georgetown Social Enterprise and Innovation Fellows convened to take part in the Social Innovation Lab, a three-day intensive course where students were challenged to apply design thinking principles to real-world problems to create innovative solutions to some of the most pressing needs facing the world’s refugees today.

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GHD Teams Up with Pinbox Solutions to host First Global Policy Roundtable on Digital Micropension Inclusion

On October 12, 2017, pinBox Solutions and the Global Human Development Program co-hosted the first global policy roundtable on digital microPension inclusion.  This invitation-only roundtable was the first of a series of regional meetings aimed at jump-starting a global dialogue and collaborative action on digital pension inclusion and coverage expansion in developing countries.

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My Time in Rwanda

At the time of writing this post, I have just completed a ten-week internship with Education Development Center (EDC) in Kigali, Rwanda focused on providing stable employment outcomes for Rwanda’s large young working-age population.

More Context-Driven Solutions

In the field of international development, practitioners are always eager to achieve large scale and sustainable impact at a reasonable cost. To achieve this impact, various strategies are forged; new ideas are tested, tested ideas are implemented, implemented ideas are monitored, and sometimes those monitored ideas are either shunned or enhanced for better results.

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Bridging the Skills Gap in Rwanda

Already the world’s youngest region, Africa’s youth population is expected to double to 830 million by 2050 – a reality that poses both a risk and an opportunity for the continent. Harnessing the potential of young people is central to stimulating economic growth in the region, while failing to do so increases the risk of economic and political instability.

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Using Public Health to Investigate Violence in the Niger Delta

Could the same strategies that public health officials used to prevent outbreaks of diseases like the Ebola virus and HIV also contain spread of violence? This is a growing question for practitioners focused on conflict and violence, especially those who specialize in gang violence.