• Bailey Adams - Profile Headshot 2019
    Bailey Adams

    Responding to the Impact of COVID-19 on Global Food Security

  • Tessa Bloechl

    From CAPI to CATI: Survey Adaptation for COVID-19 in Kenya

  • Timothy Carroll

    A Multi-Sectoral Analysis of Early Childhood Development Programs in Kosovo

  • Troy Caruana

    Developing Talent from Within: Establishing a Professional Development Platform for Rising Academy Network

  • Kyle Clements

    Microfinance: A Growing Element in Development

  • John Dearborn

    Visualizing Trends between Agricultural Regulations and Private Sector Growth

  • Erin Dennis

    Connecting Female Entrepreneurs and Corporate Buyers in Nigeria

  • Headshot of Mary-Beth-Desrosiers
    Mary Beth Desrosiers

    Moving from Baseline Surveys to Project Design: Social Safety Nets in Nigeria

  • John Downes

    Growing and Adding Value in a Virtual World: Social Protection and Jobs in Liberia

  • Fernanda Headshot
    Fernanda Estrada

    Risk Analysis of the COVID-19 Impact on Displacement Camps and Camp-like Settings

  • Muhammad Ezzat

    Using Behavioral Science to Tackle Intractable Development Challenges

  • Elaina Faust

    Envisioning a Strategy for World Bank Engagement with Digital Health Tools

  • Mimi Jacobie

    Engaging Young People: No Youth Programming without Young People as Partners

  • Tracy Kapezi

    Providing Social Protection through Mobile Services

  • Emily Keane

    COVID-19 Impacts in Zambia: Measuring Poverty and Simulating the Social Protection Response

  • Hannah Lapalombara

    Working across the M&E Spectrum in Uganda and Vietnam

  • Camila Linneman

    Applied Learning and Program Adaptation: Lessons from Liberia

  • Emily Owen

    Constructing a Data Visualization Toolkit

  • Joon Park

    Carbon Credit Mechanisms in Development

  • Sunny Raj

    Impact of COVID-19 on Migrant Labor and the Response of Social Entrepreneurs

  • Babui Salsabil

    Assessing the Impact of Regulations on the Efficiency of Agricultural Markets

  • Ian Schwenke

    Developing Talent from Within: Establishing a Professional Development Platform for Rising Academy Network

  • Leslie Sligh

    Evaluating the Impact of Socioemotional Skills Training on Entrepreneurial Outcomes Among Youth in Côte d’Ivoire

  • Ronald Sullivan

    COVID Social Impact Monitoring and Rural Livelihood Research

  • Coby Vail

    Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 on Young Social Changemakers through Survey Research

  • Damai Vergara-Hegi

    Migration in the South Pacific: A World Bank Analysis Regarding the Impacts of COVID-19 on Labor Markets and Industries

  • Hanindha Vidyasti

    Improving the Visibility of Existing Gender Gaps Using Data

  • Jimmy Vulembera

    Improving Energy Access in Last-Mile Communities of the Niger Delta

  • Samera Yousuf

    Gender Dimensions of Forced Displacement