Ethics Retreat with GHD Class of 2020

The GHD 2020 class recently spent a weekend off-campus in Northern Virginia for the program’s annual Ethics Retreat. The retreat began a dialogue between students, faculty, and staff about ethical dilemmas and situations that can occur in the field, a conversation that is woven into the GHD curriculum and event programming. For our 2020 class, the Ethics Retreat was a one of a kind experience to bond with classmates and learn from shared peer and faculty experiences.

“The Ethic Retreat provided an invaluable opportunity for us to connect with each other as a class and reaffirm our commitment to development work. I am so humbled to have the opportunity to learn and grow alongside such an inspirational group of people.” – Diana Winter, GHD ‘20

“I know that the field of international development is wrought with moral and ethical dilemmas and Georgetown’s GHD program put forth outstanding effort to address the issues. The faculty in the GHD program clearly value the importance of training aspiring development professionals that are aware of the issues and knowledgeable about ways to mitigate unethical practices. It was refreshing to be able to create cherished memories and share moments of vulnerability with my colleagues” – Ashley Hamilton, GHD ‘20

“The Ethics Retreat was an incredible opportunity to hear from both the professors and students to understand the dilemmas involved in development. I came out of the retreat feeling both overwhelmed, in terms of how much there is left to fix, but also feeling energized, in terms of understanding more clearly exactly how much I’m going to benefit from this program.”– Zaki Zakaria, GHD ‘20

The Ethics Retreat is the first event during the two-year program at which GHD encourages stepping outside the classroom and acknowledging the dilemmas development practitioners face in the field that are not easily discussed.   These conversations are fostered through contemplative social and practitioner panel events throughout the program.  The Ethics Retreat is just one of the many ways that Georgetown’s GHD program exemplifies the Jesuit values of cura personalis, while striving to acknowledge the ethical components of the every day work in international development.

Ethics Retreat 2020-Class of 2018