Class of 2019

Kyung-hoo Roh

Kyung-hoo Roh

Kyung-hoo Roh joined the GHD program after working eight years in humanitarian aid and rural community development with Good Neighbors International, an international development non-profit organization based in South Korea.

Jacqueline Rojas - Updated Headshot

Jacqueline Rojas

Jacqueline “Jackie” Rojas focuses on the intersection of data, evaluation and gender in development. While a student in Georgetown University’s GHD program, Jackie completed internships with Social Impact’s Performance Evaluation team, where she produced four evaluation briefs for the Young African Leaders Initiative and developed a skillset in mixed-methods analyses, and the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Mission to Ghana, where she supported various mission-based assessments and created advocacy materials on gender equality and women’s economic empowerment.

Susana Rojas-Quico

Susana “Susie” Rojas-Quico completed her undergraduate degree at Syracuse University, where she majored in International Relations and Anthropology. Prior to joining the Global Human Development Program, she worked in the Management Bureau and Office of Food for Peace at USAID, as well as the White House Council on Environmental Quality under the Obama Administration, and for former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA).  

Araba Sapara-Grant

Araba Sapara-Grant

Araba Sapara-Grant is a recent graduate of Georgetown University’s Global Human Development program, where she earned a certificate in International Business Diplomacy and specialized in agriculture and food security. Over the course of her Georgetown career, Araba completed internships with the World Bank Agriculture Global Practice, researching private sector contributions to nutrition financing, and TechnoServe, where she worked with the West Africa team to develop an actionable climate change strategy.

Benjamin Simmons-Telep - Updated Headshot

Benjamin Simmons-Telep

Ben Simmons-Telep is a master’s degree candidate in Georgetown University’s Global Human Development Program. At GHD, Ben studies the intersection between social innovation and global development policy, with a particular focus on quantitative methods and rural agriculture. While at GHD, he has worked on tech-enabled solutions to improve the cocoa value chain in West Africa and cross-sector strategies to support women-owned small and medium enterprises in Mozambique.

Amit Smotrich

Amit Smotrich

Amit Smotrich completed her undergraduate degree in International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She has since been working in international advocacy on a variety of political and development issues.

Muzabel Updated Bio

Muzabel Welongo

Muzabel Welongo is a Congolese citizen living in exile in Kenya since 2010. Having spent the last 21 years living as a refugee in his country the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and now in Kenya, Muzabel completed his primary and secondary education in exile.