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Amit Smotrich

Amit Smotrich

Amit Smotrich completed her undergraduate degree in International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She has since been working in international advocacy on a variety of political and development issues.

Katie Sullivan - Updated Headshot

Katharine Sullivan

Katie Sullivan joins the GHD program after five years working in technology, community development, and education. She spent the past three years at Vera Solutions, a social enterprise that builds cloud and mobile technology solutions to support the missions of development organizations worldwide.

Varsha Thebo

Varsha Thebo

Varsha Thebo comes from a rural area in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Since there were no proper schools in her area, she taught herself English and Mathematics and eventually became the one and only recipient of Global Leadership Scholarship from Pakistan.

Ashley van Waes - Updated Headshot

Ashley van Waes

Ashley van Waes joins the GHD program with over four years of development experience. She began her career as a research assistant for the International Association for Feminist Economics. She then moved on to work as a disaster relief caseworker for the American Red Cross in New Orleans, where she assisted clients that had undergone tragedy to offer guidance on next steps and community resources available to them. This formative experience led her to pursue a dream of building resilient communities abroad. She moved to eastern Uganda, where she worked with Women’s Microfinance Initiative to provide reliable financial services to thousands of rural businesswomen.

Muzabel Updated Bio

Muzabel Welongo

Muzabel Welongo is a Congolese citizen living in exile in Kenya since 2010. Having spent the last 21 years living as a refugee in his country the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and now in Kenya, Muzabel completed his primary and secondary education in exile.

Diana Winter

Diana Winter

Diana Winter is a native Washingtonian who is returning to D.C. after two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia where she worked in a rural community implementing projects focused on English language acquisition and gender equality.

Zaki Zakaria - Updated Headshot

Zaki Zakaria

Zaki Zakaria joins GHD after 3 years of experience in immigration law in Boston, MA. Zaki worked with attorneys to assist foreign nationals coming into the US obtain green cards either through specialized knowledge visas or through asylum/refugee status, there, he obtained extensive knowledge of the US immigration process.