Global Human Development Program

Ending Rural Hunger

March 2, 2016 at 3:45 p.m.
Executive Conference Room, 7th Floor, ICC 700
Georgetown University


Brookings Institution Team Members

Sinead Mowlds, Lorenz Noe (MPP'15), and Krista Rasmussen

and Remarks by

Dr. Derek Byerlee
Global Human Development Program

The Brookings Institution's Ending Rural Hunger project presents a cutting edge approach for food and nutrition security (FNS), using data and evidence to pinpoint where the needs are greatest, and which policy reforms and investments will make the most impact. It also reveals and monitors which developed countries are making the biggest relative efforts to ending rural hunger, through their domestic agricultural and bio-fuel policies, trade policies and FNS aid. In this session, engage with members of the Brookings team, one of whom is a Georgetown alumnus, about this groundbreaking approach.







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