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Title: The GHD Program Launches Its First Cohort of Practitioner Fellows

Date Published: February 5, 2021

Whether you work directly with development initiatives or for a private enterprise, an inspiring sense of purpose is the most powerful motivation one can have as a professional.

– Steven Puig

Since GHD was founded in 2012, the program has hosted a wide range of students from across the globe, looking to understand the unique challenges of international development. These students, and now alumni of GHD, have gone on to become successful practitioners in the field, spanning the sectors of social innovation, monitoring and evaluation, humanitarian assistance, education, health and more. Given the small cohorts of students, and dedicated staff, the GHD program has formed deep and profound connections with alumni and development practitioners around the world. Due to these connections, we are now afforded an opportunity to bring some of this knowledge and experience back into the GHD program.

It is with great excitement and pleasure that we would like to announce the beginning of the GHD Practitioner Fellows Program this Spring, 2021. This program aims to promote regular interaction, dialogue, and mentorship between GHD students and the GHD Fellows. Either virtually or in person, students will have the opportunity to ascertain career advice, insight into organizations working in the development sector, and valuable skills and knowledge from highly experienced practitioners. The GHD Fellows may also be invited to conduct skills workshops, panel discussions, or serve as guest lecturers in GHD classes during the academic year.

This Spring, we welcome our first cohort of 6 inaugural GHD Practitioner Fellows into our community. Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Maruja Asis, Zain Habboo, Migara Jayawardena, Barbara Nunberg, and Steven Puig, and a very warm welcome back to our very own Fr. François Kabore, who served on the GHD faculty from 2012-14. Each member of the inaugural group comes with a breadth of experience in positions such as CEO, director, professor, founder, or leading expert in their respective field. Furthermore, they bring with them valuable experience in a diverse set of disciplines, including marketing and mobilization, clean energy infrastructure, public management and governance, migration, economics, and micro-finance.

To see the full bios of each inaugural fellow, please click here. As each member of our inaugural cohort will be with us for the duration of 2021, we hope to make the best use of their time and expertise during the months ahead. Please keep a lookout for updates on events and discussions with our new GHD Fellows moving forward, and join us again in welcoming the GHD Fellows into our community!

Greetings from Practitioner Fellows

As a GHD Fellow I am most looking forward to getting to know the students, their interests and seeing how I can — in any way — help guide either their work at school or after.

I look forward to working closely with the GHD graduate students through the clinic on investing in energy and environment to discuss real-life challenges faced by development practitioners, and choices available to them and the decisions they make.

I am looking forward to meeting, working with and being inspired by fellow Hoyas who are clearly driven to make positive impacts throughout the world as GHD graduates.