Admission FAQs

Entry Requirements

Is there a minimum GRE or GMAT score required for entry into the program?

There is no minimum GRE or GMAT score required. While applicants should have competitive GRE scores, we will be looking at the overall application (personal statements, professional experience, transcripts, and recommendations) to determine entry into the program.

Is there a minimum TOEFL/IELTS score required for entry into the program?

The TOEFL score should be a minimum internet-based score of 100. The IELTS should be a minimum score of 7.0.

Are my test scores still eligible?

GRE scores are retained for five years following the testing year (July 1 – June 30) – any test taken within this period is considered eligible. Georgetown does not accept GMAT scores from tests taken over five years ago. TOEFL scores are valid for only two years from the testing date.

I will not be able to take the GRE/GMAT/TOEFL in time for the application deadline, can I still apply?

Applications submitted without the required test scores by the deadline (January 15 for scholarship consideration, April 1 final deadline) may not be considered for review.

Do I need to take the TOEFL/IELTS exam?

If you received a BA from an accredited institution of higher education where English is the primary language of instruction then you do not have to take the TOEFL/IELTS. If you completed some coursework at a university where English is the primary language of instruction you will still need to take the TOEFL/ITS. If you transferred to a university where English is the primary language of instruction and were awarded an undergraduate degree from this institution, you may still need to take the TOEFL based on the number of years spent at the institution. If you have questions, please email us at to clarify whether a TOEFL score is required.

I have not taken any economics or statistics courses and am not currently in school, how do I fulfill this requirement?

You can complete courses at an accredited higher education institution to fulfill this requirement. If attending a course in-person is not possible, you can complete an online course. There are many accredited higher education institutions that offer online courses in economics and statistics. If you do enroll in an online course, we highly recommend that it is through an accredited higher education institution rather than a private company or organization.

Do AP economics courses satisfy the economics requirement?

AP credit will not be counted towards the economics requirement.

Do I need to fulfill the prerequisites (introductory micro- and macro-economics, introductory statistics) by the application deadline?

The quantitative prerequisites need to be completed before the program begins in August rather than by the application deadline. Applicants will be asked how they plan to fulfill any uncompleted prerequisites during the application process.

If I do not have extensive experience living, working, or studying outside of the United States, can I apply to the program?

We strongly recommend that applicants have spent time living, working, or studying abroad. However, we look at the overall application when making admissions decisions and if you demonstrate excellence in other areas, we will take this into consideration.

Do you recommend submitting a resume or CV?

Either option is suitable.

Are there requirements for who should write the letters of recommendation?

We recommend having both academic and professional recommendations. In particular, as this is a practitioner-oriented graduate program we highly recommend having at least one professional recommendation.

Is an on-campus interview required?

On-campus interviews are not required. However, we encourage applicants who are able to visit campus to schedule a meeting with the Associate Director for Academic Programs. To do so, please email us at

Application Submission and Notification Process

What is your policy about transcripts?

Applicants may upload unofficial transcripts into the online application.  If you are admitted and decide to enroll, Georgetown University’s Office of Graduate Admissions requires applicants to provide hard copy official transcripts of all work beyond secondary school – undergraduate coursework, graduate coursework, study abroad courses, community college courses, and non-degree courses. The transcripts must be unopened and sent from the university to Georgetown. If the transcripts are in a foreign language, they must be translated and verified. Transcripts sent from a service such as WES to Georgetown’s Office of Graduate Admissions will be considered official.  Do not send electronic or paper copies of your transcripts before receiving an offer of admission.  Review the unofficial transcript requirements for additional details and FAQs.

Will I be notified of any missing application materials?

You are responsible for ensuring that your application is submitted with all the required components. Online applicants may access an online checklist to determine which materials have been received in support of the application. However, the Global Human Development Program and the Graduate School do not inform applicants of missing materials.

Do I need to submit all materials by the deadline?

Please note that there are two application deadlines: January 15 (for scholarship consideration) and April 1 (final deadline).  All materials – including transcripts, test scores, and recommendations – should be submitted by the appropriate deadline in order to be ensure that the application is complete for review. Materials that are sent after this date may not be considered for review.

When are applicants notified about admissions decisions?

  • For applications submitted by January 15, we plan to send out admissions decisions in March. 
  • For applications submitted by April 1, we plan to send out admissions decisions in May.

If accepted, how long do I have to make a decision?

If admitted, your admissions letter will specify a decision deadline.

Financial Aid

Are there scholarships available for students?

GHD awards merit-based scholarships. These scholarships are applied are in the form of full or partial tuition remission. Scholarships awarded in the first year are renewable at the same amount for the second year contingent on the recipient meeting certain academic standards. For more information, visit the Scholarships page.

Do international students qualify for scholarships?


Program Structure and Curriculum

At what times will classes be offered?

Classes will be offered during the day and evening.

Will students be able to enroll in the program part-time?

Students admitted to the program will be required to enroll in the program full-time.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The program is a two-year, full time program. Students enroll in 12 credits per semester.

Are language classes offered as part of the program?

Students can take language courses while enrolled in the program. The Graduate School will cover the cost of tuition for up to one language class per semester (with some conditions on the course level and grading options) taken at Georgetown University.

Do credits from language classes count toward the GHD degree?

Credits from language classes do not count toward the GHD degree and are not included in students’ graduate transcripts. The language classes covered by the Graduate School are at the 350 level and below and, as such, will be recorded on an undergraduate transcript.

What kind of quantitative skills do I need for the program’s coursework?

Coursework in introductory micro-economics, macro-economics, and statistics should prepare students for GHD’s core course on Quantitative Assessment (GHDP 503). Quantitative coursework assigned in other courses will be designed in line with the skills and knowledge gained in GHDP 503.

Do you offer dual degree programs with other schools?

GHD does not currently offer dual degree programs with other schools.

How many electives do I have to take?

There are 21 credits (seven three-credit courses) allocated for electives. At least 9 of these credits should be in a student’s designated area of specialization.

When do I need to declare a specialization?

Students can choose a specialization as early as the end of the first semester or at the end of the second semester.

Do I take classes outside of GHD?

Students can take electives offered by GHD, other programs within The School of Foreign Service, other schools at Georgetown University ( for example, the Graduate Program in Public Policy, Georgetown University School of Law, Georgetown University School of Medicine), and universities that are in the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metro Area.

Will I be able to work full-time while enrolled in the program?

The demands of the program will preclude full-time work. In addition to a rigorous course load, the program requires an overseas summer work assignment, and encourages internships during the year. Nevertheless, courses are given during the day and in the evening, and therefore it is feasible to work part-time while doing the program. We do not recommend students take on work commitments more than 20 hours/week.

Living and Working in Washington D.C.

What is the overall cost of the program?

An estimate of direct and indirect living expenses for the year can be found on the Office of Student Financial Services website.

Is there housing for graduate students on campus?
Georgetown University does not provide campus-owned housing for graduate students. Students live off campus in the Washington, DC area. For advice on finding off-campus housing, please visit Office of Residential Living‘s website