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Title: GHD Students Rock the Rocket Pitch

10 GHD students participated in this year’s annual “Rocket Pitch” competition, hosted by Georgetown Entrepreneurship. The elevator pitch-style competition challenged students to come up with a new idea and “pitch” it in two minutes. The competition was open to any student across campus and had thousands of dollars in prize money at stake.

A team of 3 GHD students, Husen Haikal Alhadar (GHD’23), Nehemia Abel (GHD’23), Jeetwan Tripathy (advisor, GHD’23) and Mason Kane from the Center for German and European Studies (CGES), won the “Entrepreneurship for the Common Good” $1,000 prize for their pitch, “BRIDGER”, a mobile app for migrant and asylee job-seekers in the EU, to seek work by swiping across job opportunities on the app, thus resulting in convenient and targeted matching with potential employers with the help of user-generated data. 

“This idea was born out of our unique interests in labour markets, migration, and online dating – resulting in the synthesis of a Tinder-for-Jobs!”

-Jeetwan Tripathy, GHD’23

GHD is also extremely proud of the 8 other students who submitted and pitched their ideas:

Meghna Chadha (GHD’23)

Angeli Juani (GHD’23)

Topaz Mukulu (GHD’23)

A platform to match community members with AI researchers and coders, to make AI more humane, diverse, and unbiased.



Pierina Anton Lopez (GHD’23)

Gabriele Cruz Sabino (GHD’23)

Titta Buabut (GHD’23)

A digital platform for non-formal education and assessment for Syrian refugee children in Jordan.


Delta Drones

Lauren Ropp (GHD’23)

Jamie Yip (MASIA)

A drone-based solution to disperse bacteria which can destroy viruses which cause malaria.

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