Education and Human Capital

The explosive growth of the youth segment of the world’s population has only increased the importance of having a robust national education system that can offer equitable and affordable educational opportunity for all youth.  While the vast majority of the world’s children are now enroll in school, 93 million, the majority of whom are girls, and almost 80 per cent of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, are not in school.  Only 60 percent of children enroll in secondary school and over half of those drop out before completion.   The reach and quality of educational opportunities (public, private and informal) have a direct impact on fertility patterns, the education of the next generation, employment prospects and pressures to migrate, and more, making education one of the most critical areas for development policies and programming.

This concentration will give students a deep understanding of the current status and likely future trends in education systems (from early childhood through universities) in poor and middle income countries.  Students will explore the burgeoning literature on the impact of policies and programs on changes in access to schooling, relevance and quality of schooling and student achievement. It will build understanding of the complex challenges facing countries seeking to allocate sufficient human and financial resources to meet the demands of parents and youth.  Students will become familiar with and develop expertise in different components of the educational system (policy, curriculum, teacher training and evaluation) as well as the broader role of education in current innovations in communications and social media as well as the rapidly changing job market.   Students in this concentration will be prepared to design, manage and evaluate education programs as well as design, advocate and critique a range of education policies.

Sample Courses:

GHDP-616 Education and Human Development (taught by Eduardo Velez Bustillo)
GHDP-644 Vulnerable Children (taught by Gary Newton)
GHDP-757 Advanced Education Issues (taught by Harry Patrinos)
GOVT-592 Conflict Resolution and Development
INAF-648 International Migration and Development
INAF-364 Land/Indig Peoples/Conflict
INAF-487 Poverty and Inequity: Practice and Ethics in Global Development
INAF-648 International Migration and Development
INAF-687 Refugee Law and Policy
MSFS-582 Identity and Conflict
MSFS-587 Impact Analysis
MSFS-611 GIS Applications in Development
MSFS-688 Human Rights in a Time of Modern War
PPOL-647 International Social Development Policy
STIA-354 War, Trauma, and Recovery
STIA-355 Environment and Migration