Quantitative Analysis

In almost every area of development, there is growing interest in and demand for quantitative analysis: the ability to compile, organize and analyze data and other information to inform the design and execution of development projects, programs, and policies. Decision makers increasingly want to ground their decisions in data, and want to better understand the key trends, relationships, and underlying forces that influence their options and their actions. This kind of analysis is needed across sectors, including education, health, agriculture, social enterprise, poverty, gender studies, and other critical areas of development.

This concentration will help deepen student’s skills in quantitative analysis, building on the core GHD courses in statistics and economics. Students with this concentration will have the opportunity to strengthen their aptitudes and knowledge in statistics, econometrics, evaluation, data analysis, research methods, research design, data modelling, data visualization, and other quantitative skills and methods; deepen their appreciation for the appropriate approaches and quantitative techniques needed to better understanding critical development challenges; and complete the GHD program with a strong set of quantitative skills. To attain this specialization, we recommend that students first take two courses from the list below and then GHDP-625 (Applied Econometrics) in the Spring Semester of their second year.

Sample Courses:

GHDP-537 Cost-Benefit Analysis
GHDP-625 Applied Econometrics
GHDP-748 Advanced Econometrics I
GHDP-749 Advanced Econometrics II
GHDP-754 Quantitative Field Research Methods
MSFS-521 Applied Public Finance
MSFS-527 Analytical and Statistical Skills
MSFS-533 Quantitative Analysis and Decision Making
MSFS-587 Impact Analysis
MSFS-613 Comparative Economic Development
MSFS-662 Econometrics for Policymakers
PPOL-646 Data Visualization for Policy Analysis
PPOL-531 Statistical Methods for Development
PPOL-532 Regression Methods for Development
PPOL-533 Impact Evaluation for Development
PPOL-683 Spatial Data Modeling and Public Policy