Capstone Report: Leveraging The Business Sector For A Sustainable Future

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GHD alumna Milan Kaur (GHD ’18) and Mai Nguyen (GHD ’18) recently produced a report for the Brookings Institution on the role of the business sector in the delivery of the SDGs through the lens of corporate sustainability. The report was produced as part of the pair’s capstone project, a requirement of the Global Human Development Program that involves client engagement and management analysis.

The catalyst for this research project was the growing evidence of business commitment to sustainability and engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and an interest in understanding why and how.

The report highlights that businesses are better able to contribute to the SDGs when sustainability is integrated into the business model, while recognizing that embedding corporate sustainability remains a challenge due to the heterogeneity of the business practices of companies.

Mai and Milan presenting their capstone Project

The report also lists six practices that begin to create the necessary conditions for the success of a corporate sustainability strategy when implemented in tandem with strong leadership. It concludes by noting that the lack of universally accepted and standardized practices in corporate sustainability continues to limits the performance-benchmarking of the companies, though best practices are sure to emerge as companies test and evolve their practices over time.

Read the full Business Sector and the SDGs Report.