Scholarship for Students from the Philippines

The Fr. Ben Nebres, S.J. Scholarship for students from the Philippines is one of GHD’s many international scholarships. The scholarship offers funding for 100 percent of tuition costs and provides a partial stipend for living expenses for the Global Human Development Program.* The scholarship is awarded to one student annually.

The Global Human Development (GHD) Program is a 2 year, full-time master’s degree in international development. In addition to a skills-based curriculum, GHD includes; a funded 2-3 month summer field internship, required semester-long internship in Washington DC, and a capstone consulting project for a client of choice.

To apply to the GHD program and for the Fr. Ben Nebres, S.J. Scholarship, please see the application requirements and submit your application by January 15, 2019.

*As of December 2018, a full tuition scholarship with partial stipend, (exact amount to be determined), could be available for a GHD student from the Philippines.  The funding for this scholarship for FY19 is not yet fully confirmed, and the award is contingent on Georgetown University receiving the funding.”