Student Spotlight: Allison Ryder, GHD ’20

Ally Ryder, GHD ’20, is a first-year student in the Global Human Development Program. Check out her biography for her professional experience.

Why did you choose the Global Human Development Program at Georgetown?

“I wanted to be surrounded by an international community. DC is the perfect city for this but even more, Georgetown and the Global Human Development Program has a clear international focus. From the professors to my classmates, there are so many different backgrounds and international experiences. Our cohort is small and I enjoy connecting and learning from them. The collaborative nature of my cohort and the program enhances the learning experience.”

What class do you particularly enjoy in the Global Human Development Program?

“I think every class is useful and practical in their own way; however, I particularly enjoy our Political Economy class. The course has challenged my existing views on institutions and states. It deconstructs the history and why political institutions and states are the way they are and improves my understanding of the present.”

Are you currently working or involved in any extracurricular activities at Georgetown? If so, how do these enrich your education?

“I currently work in the Graduate Career Center which complements my education well. At the end of the day, we are all here to pursue a great job post-graduation. I am constantly meeting and engaging with different employers which helps me to hone in on my future career opportunities and also guide my classmates in their career search.”

Where do you see yourself in five to ten years?

“I am learning so much and expanding my views and perspectives through the GHD program and I am trying to explore these new opportunities. However, I always find development finance to be a common factor in expanding my perspectives and drawing on my previous experience. I would love to be at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation one day.”

What is your favorite thing about Washington DC?

“My favorite thing about DC is the international community and the connections I have been able to make. The networks and connections from these communities have created some great friendships and working relationships.”